Are Birth Control Pills Safe?

How Safe Is to Use Birth Control Pills? 

Birth control pills are medicines. And just like all medicines, they are helpful for the people who need it, but it is not without flaws. Many women use birth control pills to prevent pregnancies, prevent menstrual cramps, and regulate their menstrual cycle.  

Woman who went off the pill because it made her depression much worse and messed with her libido. Taking Birth Control ipills for 7 days enough to supress ovulation. The packages are designed with one tablet daily for the entire cycle. The most identifiable day of any woman’s cycle is the first day of menstrual bleeding, so the first pill is often taken on that day, with subsequent pills taken daily at about the same time of day regardless of whether bleeding continues, or when it stops. 

Birth Control Pills Side Effects:  

  1. Headache 
  2. Breast Tenderness 
  3. Nausea 
  4. Weight Gain 
  5. Diarrhea 
  6. Mood Swings 
  7. Unwanted Pregnancy 

If you are sexually active and do not want to risk any side effects, you could just use plain old condoms. If you really want to try a hand at something new, why don’t you familiarize yourself with other types of contraceptives as well.


Where To Buy Birth Control Pills Online? 

The only type of birth control you can get online is condoms. These contraceptive pills causes weight fluctuations, no depression, no personal or familiar history of hormone-related cancers, no blood clotting anomalies. With the exception of condoms (and to a certain extent of the combination of diaphragm and spermicide) all birth control can have mild to severe side effects, and the pill, in particular, is contraindicated in certain cases as it may trigger rictuses and thrombosis in some women.  

Birth Control Pills Names: 

Different Oral Contraceptives work in different ways. Some Contain Progestin, Some Combine Hormones. Different combinations of hormones at different times of your cycle. There are many variations of each of these types and they will all affect a person slightly differently. 

I Recommend Bleu Condoms for Safe and Natural Sex. Using Contraceptive pills will stop the periods. Bleu Condoms will help you in against these contraceptives. Buy these Condoms Online through BleuCares Website. Use Bleu Condoms before using of pros and cons of Birth Control Pills.  

Are Birth Control Pills used for irregular periods and stop them? 

They do regulate periods and they may appear to regulate periods but it’s at the price of your fertility. You can bleed but not have ovulated. We can only make progesterone after biological ovulation. If we fail to make progesterone, we cannot balance our estrogens. We can easily become estrogenic dominant. Estrogen is an excitatory hormone, it can lead to excessive bleeding, cramping, gynecological conditions that cause yet more bleeding and dysfunction. 

Birth control pills or contraceptives aren’t bio identical. This means that their chemical structure isn’t identical to the real hormones our bodies make. If they were to be identical, they could never be patented


How effective are Birth Control pills? 

Birth control pills work effectively in preventing pregnancy. Birth control pills are about 91% effective, which means 9 out of 100 users conceive even after being on the pill. However, it is less effective if you have diarrhea or stomach issues. During those times, it is recommended to check with your doctor to see if you’re at risk of pregnancy. Condoms are comparatively safer unless they break due to force or any other factor which might let entry of sperms.


Why Birth Control Pills are Bad?

 They have some possible health risks, particularly an increased chance of blood clots among older women who smoke and use oral contraceptives. If you want to practice safe sex (and everyone should practice safe sex) and only want to have children when you’re ready (please don’t have kids when you’re not ready), then talk to your community healthcare provider about what birth control method is right for you. 

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