Bleu – Quality assurance

The story behind the name “Bleu” 

The blue colour stands for Trust in the colour therapy.  Building a great product and gaining the trust of our customers is what we as a brand has always believed into. For those reasons, only many of our customers do call Bleu India’s top selling condom brand

Blue is the colour of Nature as in regards to sky and water which are the elements of trust and intregrity, In addition, we always thrive to bring all our products closest to nature and hence launched Natural Condoms free from Parabens, Glycerine.  Similarlay, giving you the chance of safe sex which is literally in what it stands for! 

From these concepts, we got to our quality assurance guidelines. Bleu is always and will be conscious and clean about its quality of raw material to its finished packaging. There shall be no compromise on the product testing and quality as a top selling condom brand. 

Our Quality Checks

Our raw materials sourced from FSC- Forest Steward Certified Farms; conscious in their usage of pesticides and other chemicals which do penetrate into the trees and soil. They are clean sourcing enterprises and have fair wages along with no child labour involved in the factories. They do inspire us to make chemical free condoms a reality. 

Above all the latex collect is to sit to accelerate naturally in the factory, to subsequently avoid further chemicals addition. Natural condoms latex is processes to natural spring water near our factory to reduce the wastage of resources. 

The factory employs a higher percentage of women task force to create condom brands Bleu has reinvented the packaging to be labelled as the best condom to buy the pack. 

Each condom brands is made to pass through stringent water, electricity and air bubble test to be called Bleu, the best condom to buy.  

We are a clean Vegan friendly harsh chemical free condoms. If used as per the instruction sheet our product can assure you safe sex

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