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We got started with a conviction and we wanted to do something about post-coital irritation which many dismiss either as a hallucination or a non-issue.

Bleu on its mission to dispel taboos in India and making sexual wellness a part of holistic wellness has over a period of time received and resolved many queries. We love building awareness and understanding along with the vision of building a counter-community that becomes a safe, mature forum where we can freely and safely discuss old taboos that have lost their relevance in a new world. Some random but relevant queries received are: what are the benefits of sex? Difference between dotted and ribbed condoms? Are flavored condoms good or bad for us? How are women’s condoms used? Is it necessary to have sex? How to increase sex power? Different sexual wellness and condom companies in India?

Would you like to share any such query? Or probably your wonderful Bleuexperience?Maybe help us in improving our best condom range? Or simply just wish to communicate about our blog stories?

If nothing just drop an email to us for your support to join the movement #dispeltaboos.

As a brand, we believe in bringing up hush-hush wellness issues and misinformed stereotypes for an informed, scientific, rational, and mature discussion in the mainstream and empowering the affected through safe and healthy solutions.


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