Divorces or Babies; Lockdown, an Examination for Relationships

14 Apr 13:08h
Divorces Or Babies; Lockdown, An Examination For Relationships

The widespread coronavirus pandemic is radically altering approaches to love, dating, sex and family relations across the world.

In such a time where the world is fighting against the pandemic COVID19, some people are also struggling to save their relationships. COVID19 has become a threat not only as a disease affecting the respiratory system but has become like a monster that is engulfing many relationships. If we take the example of China, divorce rates have increased tremendously due to spending entire time at home by couples. Over 300 couples have scheduled appointments to get divorce since 24th February. Due to disconnection from society, petty issues between couples reach heated arguments resulting in bitterness and lots of unresolved fights and ultimately separation. From this, it is evident that like every plant needs fresh air and space, the same is with relationships. If they are not given space and physical interaction with acquaintances, it leads to deterioration. Other issues like jobs, funds, essential services, etc. are bothering couples and creating mental distress due to which they are hardly able to focus on their relationships.

Another issue has also raised its bar that is domestic violence. In France, authorities reported more than 30 percent rise in domestic violence cases. Not only France, many other countries are also facing the same. Future concerns have accelerated the growth of pressure among men, lack of social meetings and gatherings have led to monotonous routine leading to frustration. Adults have been severely affected due to this pandemic, children are also finding it hard to bear this painful time. They have hardly anything to do except studies and indoor games. Restriction to stay at home is not only affecting their mental growth but physical growth as well.

Self-isolation is affecting couples psychologically as they have no one else to share their concerns and being different from each other in various views makes them agitated quickly. Those who want to accelerate the pace of their sex life are finding it hard to do so as the availability of condoms has also been affected due to this pandemic. Those who preferred getting it ordered online can no longer do so and stepping out of the house is like giving an invitation to the pandemic. Many shops are out of supply too and are instead aiming to sustain the supply of important medicines and necessities like masks, sanitizers, cough & cold medicines, etc. No wonder, couples are finding it hard to indulge in sex without condoms due to problems like unwanted pregnancy and STD’s.

It is widely known that there are two sides of a situation. While many relationships are struggling to survive, some are blossoming beautifully. Couples who are away from each other in different cities/countries are taking help via digital technology such as Skype, Tinder, etc. They are utilizing this time to know each other better. Not being able to touch each other is no more a problem for them. They prefer romantic chats through video calls with shared masturbation. Those who are in early puppy stage of their relationships now have ample time to interact with each other with no more annoying disturbances such as office deadlines, meetings, etc. Now they can spend quality time through chats and calls.

Those who are at home with each other have found various ways to spend peaceful time with each other such as sharing of household chores, watching movies together, cooking something special for each other, conducting date nights, family planning, enjoying as if they are on a vacation. They are becoming more emotionally stable due to each other’s support and brushing their differences under the carpet. Most importantly, they are increasing their intimacy level and it is a known fact that physical touch ranging from hand holding to sex can strengthen your bond and boost your mood.

Couples are utilizing this time to reach up to the highest level of intimacy by taking a shower together, creating an ambiance of a candlelight dinner and more such sweet gestures. Also, owing to this outbreak, initially it seemed as if life had come to a halt, but upon introspection, couples are in fact getting a good opportunity to indulge in stress-free sex and fulfill their sexual desires as well. To explore this situation in a beneficial way, there are number of ways to bring a positive outcome of this difficult time by stuff such as exploring erotic movies together (time to binge on 50 shades of grey trilogy ), indulging in role play to spice things up( pizza delivery guy or plumber and housewife is our favourite :p) or give each other relaxing oil massages or a simple candlelight dinner reminiscing the good times.

Those who were planning for a baby can give it a try now that they have so much quality time to spend with each other 😉 In India, one such expecting mother after delivery had named her baby ‘’corona’’ and with the no. of deliveries happening daily, sometime in the future when someone asks, they can proudly call themselves ‘’corona babies’’ being born in a hard time but to have survived this pandemic courageously. Many other peculiar terms have been added to our slang list, with words like covidiot, which refers to a person who steps out of his house during corona and breaks the social distancing rule which we’ve been told to follow! It’s true and funny, we are now living in a state of coronapocalypse with the rising number of cases, and every day when you venture out to buy essentials, you encounter a huge load of coronacopia of surfaces which might be corona carriers!

Hence, it’s essential to stay safe and indoors and avoid social distancing until further instructions by our government. Additionally, this is the only time of self-realization and giving our relationships a chance to develop and turn into a fruitful relationship. On the other hand, this is the time to give a deep thought to disturbed and broken relationships as well. So let’s introspect and give our time to those issues which were bottled up for quite long and it’s team to communicate and allow the healing to take place.

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