Bleu is a brand that are Harsh Chemical Free condoms for safe sex.  Bleu has a range of paraben-free condoms. The ultra-thin condoms variant are design to thin for healthier pleasure however strong for usage. The other brand condoms online and offline do not offer a paraben-free condoms range which leads to many sex problems and hormonal issues with both partners. But none of them speaks out. 

We have a 100% discreet delivery of our chemical-free. We use a plain brown paper box with no content revealed maintaining complete privacy. The feel of having safe sex keeps you away from the stress of having long term ailments like Hormonal Imbalances, yeast infections and such similar other sex problems. 

BLEU Ultra-thin Condoms provides you with  ultra-thinness with enough lubrication for skins that are sensitive to the utmost. 

Bleu Dotted Condoms are  design to enhance sensual pleasure as rated by our customers in the category of brand condoms online

What is the duration of the order deliveries and which parts of the country do you deliver?  

The orders are deliver in 3 to 4 days in metro cities and 5 to 6 days in other cities.    We deliver in PAN India.  

What will happen if I am out of town when delivery is attempt? 
Your order will be deliver to the delivery address you have provided to us. If you weren’t available when the courier partner reached you, two additional delivery attempts will follow on successive days. 

When will the deliveries take place? 
In general, our courier partner will try to deliver on all days between 08:00 hrs to 20:00hrs. Do not worry if the courier is received by your family or known person. The contents of the package and also our brand name is not mentioned on the box  making it a 100% discreet delivery. 

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