Extra lubricated condoms

Extra lubricated condoms- Easy Pleasure, More Fun

The S in Sex stands for Safety! Many people often tend to focus on the sex part more than the safe part of sex. But for a good experience that you would always recall on a random day or when masturbating, safe sex is the way! Condoms are like a staple of safe sex as they protect you from STIs and UTIs while also avoiding unwanted pregnancy. It is crucial for men and women to know how to wear a condom. You can find many premium condoms online on some of the best websites for buying condoms.

Types Of Condoms In India

There are many condoms like dotted, studded, warming or cooling, non-latex, etc. Nowadays, the most popular are flavored and natural condoms. If you compare those- Flavored vs Natural condoms- you will find major differences. Flavored condoms are great for oral sex but not for penetration since they might lead to yeast infections. Natural ones are chemical-free but not as great for oral sex. There are non-latex condom brands for people who might be allergic to latex. One of the most important factors considered while choosing is that they should be long-lasting condoms with no side effects. Bleu is the best option as these are vegan and made with reduced chemicals and zero benzocaine. You can find these new branded condoms online.

Extra-lubricated condoms

Another underrated safe sex practice is using lube. It is a slippery wet gel that makes penetration easier and stimulation more pleasurable. You can find the best of both worlds in extra lubricated condoms. Bleu has hypoallergenic lubricant safe for sensitive skin to be paired with condoms. When you are in a mood but in a time crunch, these condoms are a boon for such times. 

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