Getting Intimate In Quarantine? Check These DOs & DON’Ts

13 May 06:10h
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Don’t have much to do but lucky enough to be quarantined with the love of your life? You’ve surely got one way to kill time.

Quarantine sex.

Sounds cheeky, no?

One of the many concerns of couples is how sex relates to the current pandemic?

If people do not take the precautionary measures, they could unwillingly accelerate the spread. But, despite being a health concern, it also could be a way to stay healthy.

Sex Intimacy :

It’s not fair to expect people to abstain from sex during the quarantine period. However, engaging in certain types of sexual activities may risk spreading the virus or affect your sexual health.

Amid the COVID-19 situation, sex is not a priority as a topic of conversation. Misinformation can foster and myths could spread easily, so in order to prevent this, we have listed two essential DOs and DON’Ts each in one place.

The DOs

1. Use CONDOMS to keep it safe

Sex is a great way to relieve anxiety, quarantine anxiety to be precise. This would lead to more intimacy, especially early on in this sort of unfamiliar and anxious state.

Whether COVID-19 is transmitted through vaginal fluids has not been verified by researchers, but it does spread through fecal matter. So if you’re looking to engage in sex, you must be extra cautious about cleaning the exposed areas and, most importantly, using a condom.

If you rely on alternatives like the pull-out method, you are taking unnecessary risks with STIs. In that case, it becomes even more important for you to start using condoms now.

To help you out in this situation, Bleu has come up with a range of safest condoms.

Why safest? Because there are no chemicals used resulting in no itching and burning sensations. Check it out here.

2. Go non-conventional to add some SPICE

Instead of kissing and sex, try an erotic massage, chat rooms, watching erotica, or, dare I say, mutual masturbation.

Why, but, why not?

Engaging in sex Intimacy raises an element of risk notably when there is no vaccination or treatment available for the disease.

Trying out your favorite couple fantasies will not only minimize the risk but also make the whole thing sweeter in the end.

The DON’Ts

1. Avoid TOUCHING, though it sounds unrealistic

If you involve kissing or touching each other’s genitals before or during the act, you should be aware that the virus could pass through saliva from your mouth and your hands.

This doesn’t mean have sex without foreplay, but strive to cut this down to the absolute minimum.

To keep the thrill alive while ensuring maximum safety, you should use condoms. Here’s a handpicked Bleu combo for you to try, considered the best condoms for natural feelings.

2. NO SEX, in case any of you have symptoms

The coronavirus is no hoax and has taken thousands of innocent lives around the globe. We should all do anything that would keep our partners safe and prevent the spread.

In case any of you show symptoms, consider it serious and self-isolate.

Avoid any physical contact and maintain a distance to keep each other safe. It’s advised to inform the local authorities and get yourself tested.

The whole point is, sex is only good when you are well aware of your and your partner’s overall wellness.

If you and your partner feel healthy, are showing no symptoms, and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, you have sex intimacy. Using condoms would still be our best bet, even better if natural ones. We recommend trying the best condoms for sensitive skin couples that are completely non-toxic and paraben-free. Check it out here.

Again, keep in mind that the understanding of the novel coronavirus and ways it spreads continues to evolve. It’s time to keep yourself updated and sex natural.


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