What are Natural Condoms?

There’s no safest or least safe brand. The more complex answer is that while there’s no overall safest brand or safest material. It’s important to choose the correct condom for you and your partner, as different people may have different requirements. 

  • Material is important, to some extent. As far as non-latex condoms go, you’ve got three main choices: natural lambskin, polyisoprene, and polyurethane. 
  • Polyurethane is a non-latex plastic that should be suitable for all latex allergy sufferers. Polyurethane condoms can be made really thin – most of the supersheer brands, like Okamoto and Sagami are made of polyurethane – and many people say it’s the closest thing to bare. However, it feels slightly more plasticky than lambskin and polyisoprene, and it’s not as stretchy, so some people have problems with the fit. It may not be suitable for people with larger penises. It also takes some practice to use polyurethane condoms, as they tend to slip at times, and you need to hold them tight while withdrawing the penis out of the vagina (or anus). 

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