Period Sex: How to turn messy into marvellous

04 Nov 16:29h

Just because it is that time of the month doesn’t mean your sex life should take a backseat. Sex during menstruation can be even more pleasurable for some women than at other times of the month. 

While there is no need to forego sexual activity on your period, it is understandable that you may have some concerns. Whether it’s okay to have period sex from a medical point of view, what are the pros and cons of doing it and how to pull it off without making a mess. 

While period sex comes with its own set of challenges, it can be more fun and relaxing than your regular routine. Once you figure out how to have sex during your period, you can have the best time during that time of the month. 

Is it safe to have sex during your period? 

Yes, period sex is absolutely safe. It’s perfectly fine to have penetrative and non-penetrative sex when menstruating, as long as you’re relaxed and in the mood. Women have lived with guilt surrounding both their sensuality and menstruation for decades. 

There is no biological reason to feel guilty about any of these things. In fact, there are many health benefits to engaging in period sex if you and your partner are comfortable. 

Period Sex may relieve cramps 

Menstrual cramps can be relieved by orgasms. Menstrual cramps are a product of the contracting of your uterus to release its lining. The muscles of your uterus often contract when you have an orgasm. Sex offers some relief from period cramps. 

It can result in shorter periods 

Engaging in sexual activity can make your periods shorter. Muscle contractions force out the contents of the uterus more rapidly during an orgasm. That could lead to shorter periods.

Increased Sex Drive 

The fact that period sex is more fun is not just a matter of opinion. Thanks to hormonal variations, your libido shifts throughout your menstrual cycle. Although many women claim that their sex drive increases during ovulation, which is about two weeks before your period, others mention feeling more turned on during their period.

The other benefits of sex during menstruation include reduced stress, improved sleep, relief from headaches and migraines, strengthened immune system and improved fitness. A study published in Cephalalgia found that sexual activity may decrease migraine and cluster headache pain for some women. 

Can you get pregnant during period sex? 

One of the most common misconceptions is that you cannot get pregnant when you are having a period. However, that is not true. No matter when you have sex, try to use safest condoms. The odds of a woman becoming pregnant are lower during menstruation and higher during ovulation. 

Ask your partner to wear the best condom for feeling to avoid becoming pregnant or getting an STI. Using protection will protect you from STIs as well. Not only can you catch a STI during your cycle, but since viruses like HIV reside in menstrual blood, you can more easily transmit one to your partner.

Best Tips for Period Sex: 

It can often be messy to have sex during menstruation. If you don’t want to recreate a scene straight out of ‘Game of Thrones’ in your bedroom, here are some tips that you must follow: 

  • Be transparent and frank with your partner. Talk to them about how you feel about having period sex and ask them how they feel about it. Speak about the reasons behind the discomfort if either of you is reluctant.
  • To avoid any blood spills, spread a dark-colored towel on the bed. 
  • To clean up afterward, keep a wet washcloth or wet wipes next to the bed.
  • To escape the mess entirely, have sex in the shower or bath.
  • To remain comfortable, stay in the missionary position or lay on one side. 
  • Always wear a condom. You can order condoms online and choose from a variety of condoms for sensitive skin

Don’t let your cycle put your sex life to a halt. Have fun and be creative in bed, you might be shocked to find that sex is even more exciting when you are on your period. The only prerequisite is to practice safe sex. 

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