Premium Condoms

Premium Condoms 

Bleu natural latex condoms are considered to be one of the luxury condoms in India as they are the first harsh Chemical-free Condoms in India. 

Men usually don’t like to wear condoms as it turns off the mood. But condoms are always considered the best contraceptive. If you are that couple who does not feel that pleasure then thin condoms are exactly for you. 

Communication is the best solution to understand on How to have good sex with partner 

At the beginning, there are chances of vaginal dryness, so usage of proper lubrication like water or silicone-based lubes to avoid further health issues. 

No matter how tired you are, maintaining physical affection is important to continue the sexual pleasure. 

Developing a practice of different sexual positions for sexual pleasure not only adds interest to lovemaking but also helps in reducing mental health.  

It is very important to keep yourself and your partner relaxed before you get intimate. 

These points help in enhancing Romantic Sex in Journey of couples. 

Bleu is one of the India’s Biggest Condom Brand for Safer sex as it is the only brand that is vegan friendly condom without any artificial flavours added to it. 

Safe sex is considered to be a great stress and helps in boosting one’s mental health. 

You may also be surprised to know that condoms have been used for thousands of years as a birth control method and a best form of protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases and mostly unwanted pregnancy. 

A male condom does  not require any planning or training to wear it.  

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