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Natural Body Shape

As the name speaks for itself, Bleu 3-in-1 condoms are made with the best feature of the all the available condom variations. Bleu 3-in-1 condoms have extra stimulating raised dots , in variation with ribbed lines in a very unique natural body shaping latex. But the best part still remains is the feature of giving out all the pleasure without any harsh chemicals. Pure Non Toxic Love….in care for both the partners.

Bleu 3-in-1 condoms gives you the sensuousness needed at the time of love making without the worry about chemicals and after effects.

Apart from this we also make sure our condoms are Vegan friendly and are made from all Natural latex. Just be sure to wrap your condom in a piece of paper and throw in the compost bin.

  • Lower levels of Proteins hence lesser chances of Rashes, Irritation and Itching.
  • Made with Natural Latex derived from a Forest Steward Accredited plantations.
  • Each Piece of Condom is electronically tested for safety .
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Reviews (15)

15 reviews for 3-In-1 Combo (16 Units) Pack of 2

  1. GH

    The quality was good indeed

  2. GH

    The packaging was good. It was less slimy, the lube I mean

  3. HD

    It was amazing. Loved it

  4. PM

    The product packaging was excellent. Love the aesthetics of the box and the form factor too. Discreet delivery was very much appreciated and welcome

  5. WQ

    I’ve used them. They fit much better than the regular durex condoms. I love your no nonsense packaging. I would prefer if the odour in th condoms would reduce but that would be nitpicking

  6. Hims D

    My experience overall was good

  7. Paras

    The product was very good and it had no after-effects on either of the genders. Would like to see flavors in your condom category. Will buy it again.

  8. Kiara

    These condoms are very reliable. I am happy that I have found ethically conscious condoms that are not harmful to myself or others. As stated, they also do not smell as much as other brands. (Almost no odour)

  9. Ajay

    Less irritation and no smell of rubber! Excellent

  10. Abhishek Raina

    I was horrified to know that most condoms aren’t vegan and I have been looking for a cruelty-free and harsh chemical-free option. I was pleasantly surprised to come across your brand and the story behind the genesis.

  11. Anurag

    Our experience with this all-natural latex condoms was very good, My partner has latex allergy but with your organic condoms, there was no allergic reaction as mentioned.

  12. Megha

    We loved the product! I’ve always found my body reacting negatively to some commercial condoms in the market. But yours was perfect!

  13. Kedar Modi

    It was good. I love the fact that your product is odourless and chemical free. A small leaflet in the package explaining how this product is different from others in the market could be useful. The packaging seems to be a bit excessive. The blue bit on the package is difficult to remove and not sure what its purpose is. It would be great if you could bring down the cost a little bit in par with the other market players (10 pieces instead of 8 for the same price would be good).

  14. Sarvesh

    I have been using your product for quite some time now and it’s really good. I and my partner appreciate all the efforts your team is taking. Kudos to all of you.

  15. Dakshesh

    Good product but Please make latex-free product…

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