Ultra-Thin Condom (16 Units) Pack of 2

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Natural, Skin Feel

Bleu thin condoms are made of out of Natural latex giving both the partners the feel of Natural without any artificial flavours or colours. It is like a natural feeling coupled with the absolute uniqueness of toxic chemical free experience.

Our niche products happens to be the most Skin friendly condoms available in the market today.

Apart from this we also make sure our condoms are Vegan friendly and are made from biodegradable latex. Just be sure to wrap your condom in a piece of paper and throw in the compost bin.

  • Lower levels of Proteins hence lesser chances of Rashes, Irritation and Itching.
  • Made with Natural Latex derived from a Forest Steward Accredited plantations.
  • Each Piece of Condom is electronically tested for safety.
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Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Ultra-Thin Condom (16 Units) Pack of 2

  1. AM

    I recently purchased this Product Bleu Natural Latex Ultra-thin Condoms (Pack of 2). Best product experience so far. Really great in terms of the chemical and toxic-free aspect.
    Thanks Bleu.

  2. B

    I seriously liked the product.
    Hoping to buy more soon

  3. OL

    The experience was great. This was much thinner than other products. And flexible too. My boyfriend has used this and I was feeling extremely good and enjoyed the moment. I am homo

  4. UP

    Bleu is smooth so I enjoy ur product with my partner

  5. UR4me

    Product is really great…amazing experience…keep it up

  6. prem

    The packaging was excellent. Very discreet! Thanks, Bleu

  7. Mitr

    Bleu condoms are great. I literally felt the difference without the harmful chemicals

  8. Pooja

    Great product, very sheer and natural feeling.. My husband & I are very satisfied

  9. Amit Seth

    The packaging seems to be a bit excessive. The blue bit on the package is difficult to remove and not sure what its purpose is. Else the product was good.

  10. Ashutosh Gupta

    We have been using the ultra-thin condoms for over a month and they reaffirm my faith that if we create demand for ethical and non-toxic products, there are entrepreneurs out there to create safe and sustainable sexual wellness products.

  11. taniya

    As a woman, I’ve always found my body reacting negatively to some commercial condoms in the market.
    But yours was perfect! I strongly recommend going for this amazing Organic brand and its products.

  12. Pasquale

    This is my 2nd purchase of Ultra Thin Condoms. I’m quite impressed with their products. The fact is that it is less smelly, almost no smell, makes it even better.Thanks, Bleu

  13. Divya (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure what to expect but these were great, they’re just as thin as regular drugstore counterparts, packaged without plastic which was great— just wish the shipping box used paper tape instead. Wrapper Ofcourse are plastic but they were well sealed and easy to open. The box itself was a bit tricky to open a little perforated tab top would be an ideal improvement. Liked that the design is subtle, could leave it laying about househelp would not be scandalised ???? —

    Did it’s job and didn’t leave me with a burning sensation or any residue that was difficult to rinse— will definitely be repurchasing, recommend over ‘durex air’ and other such variants — we should support local brands doing good things!

    Also should be noted : if you experience unpleasant side effects using generic drugstore brands like the one mentioned above^ try these.

  14. Kiran

    • It is excellent harmless and very thin. There is a lot of enquiry about the product

  15. Jignesh Agarwal

    Hey I sure have used the product. And there is a stark difference between the aroma and the feel of the product from the other big brands. Would definitely recommend it.

  16. Umesh Jatkar

    The experience was good after Using the condom. Thank you.

  17. pharmacious

    It serves the purpose and solves the UTI issues for my partner

  18. Julie

    Really good one. Don’t think we would be going with any other brand ever again.

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