Sex decoded: Is it for pleasure or is supposed to be experienced as a journey?

22 Apr 09:02h
Sex Decoded: Is It For Pleasure Or Is Supposed To Be Experienced As A Journey?

There is a built-in survival need of all species, that is to exist , which it does by passing on vital information of life through its offspring. However, for humans, it is more than just a matter of existence. According to spiritual science, the sacral chakra which is located below the navel in the lower abdomen, second of the seven chakras, is the energy centre of our emotional body, sensuality and creativity. The need to connect with our own body emotionally and the need to have an intimate relationship is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind for all genders.

The act of sex is beyond self- discovering of what feels good to the body, it also has a healing aspect to it. It eliminates any distressing ache of our physical and emotional wellbeing. However, in the era of internet with its free availability of pornography, sexual activity has become a mere dopamine high inducing activity than an act of intense expression. The act of foreplay has to start long before any physical touch, while men try to understand how to please women in bed they also need to understand how to please them emotionally. Trust is the core foundation of any kind of passionate session of love making. Whereas fear and shame blocks the above mentioned sacred sacral chakra.

Women need to feel comfortable in their own skin and understand their self-worth, and confidently demand or request their fair share of orgasms from men. In order to improve the quality of sexual pleasures, partners need open and honest communication, wherein they connect intimately and guide each other to reach their moment of zenith. Partners need to be patient and try various positions and/or toys to explore what feels good to each other. It needs to be a collective effort to let each partner enjoy their sex journey to climax.

An honest serious effort to understand sex not through pornography but from experts and reliable advisors will certainly help a person to thrive in this important aspect of life.

Sex is something which makes or breaks a relationship in the long run, men need to understand and care about their partner’s pleasure. Instead of considering it as a chore, both partners need to enjoy and give time to foreplay. It is also important to indulge in safe sex. All these educational information don’t get shared over porn sites, the community itself should keep aside its taboo regarding sex and freely speak about it to spread awareness especially to the youth.

It is time that we become aware and understand how significant sex is to our evolution and relationship building. Instead of condemning it we have to set ourselves free from being oppressed by a belief that marks sex as a sin.

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