Most popular luxury condom brand for sensitive skin

Bleu is one of the Most Popular Condom Brands that offer the best condoms in India. We are India’s 1st Vegan Condoms brand apart from being one of the best and safest condom brands for women’s health. Condoms fall under medical devices and as such are not required to disclose the ingredients. However, at Bleu, best condoms, we believe in transparency when it comes to products one puts in/on their genitals.

Bleu condoms are made with naturally derived latex, processed with toxin-free chemicals in the manufacturing process making them advantageous with hypoallergenic properties for a pleasurable experience.

With Bleu’s condom size and ingredients, it is unlikely for one’s partner to have a nasty experience like irritation, itching, or burning sensation as a side effect post lovemaking. Our natural rubber latex condoms come pre-lubricated with a Paraben-free-based natural gel sans any toxin agents like benzocaine or glycerine in it. But the good part does not end here as our formulation and process helped us in achieving alow smell & fragrance-free condom, without compromising on safety and reliability.

Our condoms are tested multiple times for a guaranteed quality including measuring elasticity and material uniformity, strength, and burst test, electronic testing for holes and punctures. But we just do not end it there. We also pack our condoms in self-sealable perforated boxes to make them free from single-use plastics. Let us do our bit while making those good moments!

To buy condoms for your partner’s intimate health, you can choose from our Dotted Condoms, 3-in-1 Condoms, or Ultra-Thin Condoms. But if you cannot decide which one to pick then we have our best seller to buy condoms online “Combo”, the amalgamation of all three packs.

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