UTI Infections and Condoms

17 Aug 17:07h

Getting a UTI is undoubtedly one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. The persistent burning sensation or the feeling, where you have to go to the bathroom all the time, when you really can’t is harrowing. UTIs can be frustrating and excruciating, especially when it  keeps coming back.

Although antibiotics help in clearing up a UTI within a couple of days, practicing some simple steps can help you from catching one in the first place. 

According to a study, 150 million people get a UTI each year. Practicing these simple changes can help you say goodbye to the burning sensation, frequent urination and other unpleasant symptoms of a UTI. 

Rethink Birth Control 

If you don’t want to contract a UTI, rethink your birth control choices. Do you use a diaphragm or a spermicide? 

A diaphragm, spermicide, or a condom lubricated with spermicide can make you more likely to get a UTI, because they all lead to bacterial growth. If you often get UTIs and use one of the above mentioned birth control methods, consider switching to sensitive condoms that are non-toxic and vagina friendly. 

Glycerin Lubricants 

According to Dr. Mary Marnach, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, most of the lubricants available today contain glycerine, which ultimately breaks down into sugar, promotes yeast infections and even leads to bacterial vaginosis. 

Glycerin is a natural humectant, which implies that it helps to retain moisture. Most lubricants contain glycerin, especially the flavored and warming ones. While using a lubricant is appealing, your vagina may not react in a similar way when it comes in contact with the glycerin. 

Glycerin in particular, can contribute to yeast overgrowth, which can then cause yeast infections.

Are Condoms safe? 

Sex increases your chance of contracting a UTI, regardless, whether you use condoms, or not. 

Just hang in there! Hear us out, before you throw out those condoms. 

You should always practice safe sex. However, if you use condoms with spermicides or one with nasty chemicals and harsh flavours, you are at a considerable risk of contracting a UTI. 

If you are looking to buy condoms, try Bleu’s exclusive range of glycerin and paraben-free condoms for a comfortable and long-lasting experience. 

Vaginal Flora is important

Are you also thinking what we are thinking?

If UTI happens in the bladder then how can condoms cause an infection.
It appears, over 90% of all UTIs worldwide tend to be caused by the E. coli bacteria that resides in the gut, linger around the anus and sometimes go up to the vagina.

Good vaginal flora turns your vagina into a hostile environment for the bacteria. In fact, if the vaginal flora is balanced, it will kick out the E. Coli bacteria. On the contrary, harmful bacteria will flourish if the vaginal flora is unhealthy.

As you might have suspected, some of the vaginal fluids tend to move towards the urethra during intercourse. Therefore, if the ‘vaginal fluid’ is full of harmful bacteria, the odds of contracting a UTI increases. A healthy vagina acts as a natural defense against repeated UTIs.

So, not all Condoms increase your chances of contracting a UTI. The trick is to look for non-spermicidal, non-toxic condoms. Our exclusive range is suspicious chemical-free, vagina friendly and the safest condoms for women’s health.

Steer clear of irritating Vaginal products

Avoid vaginal douching, deodorants, scented powders and other feminine products. These products come with nasty chemicals and fragrances that can irritate your viagina and cause a UTI. 

Clean up before sex, then pee afterwards

It is ideal to clean up before sex. This keeps bacteria away from the urethra. Peeing afterwards carries bacteria out of the urinary which may have entered during the intercourse.

If you take care of all these basic steps, not only do you reduce your chances of contracting a UTI, but significantly reduce the risks of an STI.

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