What is good Sexual Hygiene practise?

23 Oct 14:21h

‘My dream lover is…………? Good looking, sexy, passionate, successful, rich? Wow, can we then blame you for oversleeping?

But perhaps it’s time to wake up and look out for that one subtle attribute as well that has a huge impact on sexual health. Yes! we are talking of PERSONAL HYGIENE. Very subjective, sensitive and a matter that SHOULD matter!

It’s a bit tricky to define Hygiene. What might be a basic requirement to one, could seem an OCD to the other. Therefore, in the world of sexual intimacy, it’s important to distinguish normal from not-so-healthy. Whether you are new in a relationship or have been in the journey for long, it’s never too late to become well informed and adopt hygienic practices. Practice Safe Condom Sex! Just remember to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings and PRACTICE BEFORE YOU PREACH.

You take my breath away, literally!

Offensive breath and stained teeth are immediate turn-offs. Might make the lover run for his life. Given the pleasures associated, wouldn’t it be a crime to miss the kiss?

It is said that in a single kiss lasting 10 seconds, millions of bacteria are exchanged, some of which can transmit infections. But don’t let this fact come in between your lips!  Stick to a heathy cleaning routine and NEVER kiss your partner if either of you has a cut in the mouth, bleeding gums, lip sores or broken skin.

Oral sex is commoner than we think. As per experts, poor oral hygiene and exposure to pre-cum or ejaculate of an infected partner might increase chances of contracting STDs. Ensure that the Safest condom is used for oral condom sex. For all those wishing to please the ladies, a condom can also be cut open to a square shape and placed between the mouth and partner’s vagina.

All the perfumes of Arabia might be useless!

In general, bad body odour can make your partner faint before passion makes her swoon. Unfortunately, all the perfumes that were exchanged as Valentine gifts are not going to be of help here. Wash the problem areas often through the day. Nothing can beat a quick shower before the act, maybe together, if you like.

Vagina has its own natural odour too and it is definitely not floral by any standard. Hygiene habits, change in hormones, use of spermicides and antibiotics etc. can impact the natural odour. One needs to differentiate it from the change in odour due to infection, which is generally accompanied with itching, redness and abnormal vaginal discharge. You are the best judge when to seek medical advice.

Overgrown bushes are a sore to the sight!

The unkempt bush in underarm and groin regions can be quite repulsive and intolerable to most. Sweat glands and hair follicles can breed harmful bacteria causing itching. While occasional itching is common in both men and women, an increase in frequency and intensity might warrant a visit to the doctor. Wear loose undergarments, keep the genitals clean and dry, and don’t forget to mow regularly.

Oil leak from a machine is normal!

Pre seminal fluid is natural, acts as a lubricant and is not a sign of infection. However, like semen, it might contain sperms and cause pregnancy or transmit STDs. Therefore, protection needs to be in effect at the right time!

Mild discharge from the vagina is also normal. It’s presence and odour might be an irritant a few but it’s beyond one’s control. So, don’t be paranoid, just be observant!

There is more to Sex than just the act!

Sex is a beautiful journey, earns you precious miles. Drive carefully and respectfully. Be aware, informed and avoid taking risks. Don’t mix routes. Vaginal penetration after oral or anal sex can cause infection. Intercourse during menstruation and pregnancy deserves extra care and discussion with your medical practitioner.

When passion rains and reigns, necessities are often forgotten. And that’s precisely why both partners share an equal obligation to protect themselves from the fury of floods. Buy Online Condoms are the only contraceptives that prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It’s your right to insist upon the usage of condom every single time. For those who see sex as an expression of love and care, nothing works better than Bleu, best condoms for sensitive skin.

It’s not over yet!

Moments after Condom sex have a special feel. Don’t rush, enjoy your togetherness. And when you are ready, ensure you clean yourself thoroughly. Pull the foreskin of the penis back to wash any residues. Wash the vulva with water. Vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and does not require any special treatment. Nursing mothers must remember to clean their breasts and nipples properly.

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